The beginning!

Barclay Fisher Modarai - a great friend, and my life with horses really traces back to her.  We met in 7th grade; she competed eventers, had a truck and trailer, and was patient enough to let me tag along everywhere through Pony Club and the like when I didn't have a horse of my own.  She had a terrific horse - April - and later Cruise Control, along with Marvy, Sassy, Cricket, and tons of lambs and sheep on Maple Avenue Farm in Pomfret.  We ended up sharing an apartment or two when we both ended up in the Upper Valley after college, and great times were had on and off the horses!  I started riding on April in 1990; at that point she was around 15 years old.

Barclay met and married Gordon and their plans took them to Texas.  I was honored to be their maid of honor, and even more honored to be given April as a maid of honor gift to bring to Burlington with me for grad school that fall.  It was a wonderful gift even on the face of it, but when I look back at all that April was to me during those years of school it was truly a treasure.  We look forward to having her back in Vermont when their Navy travels are through - I have a horse or two for her to ride!
April & Cruise Control, around 1990 in Pomfret.
A beautiful wedding in the hills of Pomfret - notice April dressed up in finery, too!