2012: Best Ball

Congratulations Joy!!!
The 2012 Challenge took a page from our golfing friends and was a "Best Ball" -  The exercise was to record the highest score acheived at any point during the season for each movement - very instructional for identifying the areas to work on and a great way for folks of all levels to participate.  Joy & Wixen proved that every point counts - we handicapped her by making her turn in her PSG tests (first time showing that level) but even then she took the 2012 Challenge with a score of 7.34, just slightly higher than Brenda & Tee (7.25) and Katie & Rocket (7.23).   This crowd of riders should be proud - there were very few without an eight in the collectives and nobody with an average below 6.75.  Will have to up the ante next year!

2011: Stretchy Circle

Congratulations Dallas!
Dallas & Bananen Po walked away with the inaugural Overture Farms Challenge Trophy for the 2011 Challenge - Mastering the Stretchy Circle. The task was to submit three highest scores for the stretching circle from rated shows - and they submitted two eights and a seven! Winner by a mile.