We've come a long way, baby..... Tee as a weanling on the left, April on the right.  Missing from this picture is Brenda, best friend and mentor for Tee!  Click on the picture to learn more about her.

Tee turns 15, April 2011.

This page is way still under construction - there is a lot to say and post about 14 years with Tee!!! My 2011 new year's resolution accomplished - 120 pictures to Photo Garden to get digitized in January.  Stay tuned....

Thank you, Mike & Tina!

We moved to Northfork Farm in January 2011 to put both competition horses in the same place after nearly 10 years with Mike and Tina at Windswept.  I can not express how grateful I am for their care and feeding - both literally and figuratively - for all that time!  They did a wonderful job with two complete novices (horse and owner) who had more determination than skill, or potentially common sense.  I would not be the rider or horsewoman I am today without their guidance, and Tee would not be the horse she is if we had not had Mike's gentle persistent patience and demand for proper basics at every step before moving on to the next.  I treasure their friendship.

Tee in her "palace" at Windswept.  Dining al fresco and watching "her" world go by.  Except for that darn green tractor - twice a day for ten years and it still spooked her....

Memorable Moments....

CVDA Clinic, Kathy Connelly 2010

  • Here, with Eric Horgan and the infamous "Bluetooth Zapper" threat


Life is good.... click for Windswept Farm.

2010 is a big year!

Wow, we finally get it together in competition.  Our first real Bronze Medal scores!  And having fun at it...............  See all the recent scores on the home page.

In the Beginning....