October 2012 Video, Half Steps on Long Lines

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Willi May 2012

July Video, Schooling First

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schooling first level 7/2012: 



What a difference a year makes...

Willi is now buff!  The difference in muscle development over time
 is quite amazing.  Here, at NEDA Spring as a demonstration horse,
April 2012.  Below, June 2010.

No winter blues here...

Elise, Willi, Brenda and impatient Tee heading out for a winter ride....

Some video of Willi and Elise's work this winter - transitions,
stretching and canter 10s (sort of....)!!!!


Spring 2011 is finally here!

First show under our belt - CVDA in May, a lovely weekend.  It is rewarding to see some
differences in both of us on video relative to last fall. 
He's definitely growing into a clown with his own big personality!

Here's the video from CVDA, Training 2:


I found Willi's breeder in Germany this winter.  She was very kind to send
some pictures of "Wendell" and an update from their farm...


Here he is just before the Werden auction as a 4 yo..................

Here's Mom, Rigoletta, with her newest baby!

Big News, October 2010:  First USDF Rated Show: 
Training 2, 67%.
High Score Training, Adult Amateur, Day
High Score Training, Adult Amateur, Show
High Score Overall Adult Amateur/GMHA Member

As noted by Eline, we did "Willi, Willi well......................"

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Our First Test!

Training 2 at Champlain Dressage Schooling Show, LongShadow Farm, August 2010.
High Point Senior!

July Dressage Days, GMHA 2010


The world's cutest tiny ears.

July Dressage Days 2010

Willi to Vermont!

Willi arrived safely in Vermont on Sunday morning, June 13th with great thanks to our friends Gary and Roseanna for excellent care along the way.  He's settling in just fine.

7.7.10  Hard to believe it's been almost a month!  His personality is shining through... and I can sit a (very) few steps of his big trot!  Lots of lunge line in the future I suspect.

Joy and Wixen... click for website.

New mentor & friend...

Joy will be taking over Willi's training, and  Elise's Willi education.  He responds to her
positive style, she loves his work ethic -- quite a pair! 
He's also decided Roxie the Jack Russell is a friend, too.  They're off to discover
the trails looking out over the lake next week..........

Team Willi!

First Dressage Mom... Eline

Willi & Eline - his sale video March 2010.

Click for Eline's website.

In the beginning....

Willi was hand picked at the Werden auction by Bob Koopman and friends as a driving prospect.  Bob and his wife Diane are involved in Combined Driving and had just retired a big Dutch driving horse, so the idea was the Willi would take over.  Bob notes that with Willi he posted great scores at driven dressage - which definitely made things easier on the marathon and cones..... except that it turned out Willi was not wild about the marathon or cones.  Just not to be.  Fortunately for us, Bob knew Eline who broke him to ride initially and then was only to happy to have him back to start his dressage career.  In the meanwhile, you'll find the Koopmans hard on the heels of the competition to represent the USA in single horse driving with his stalwart single horse - 5th at the selection trials and we wait to hear!

First Show, 2007.

Willi & Bob on their way to 1st place in the Dressage phase, Training Division, Rhode Island Driving Show August 2007.